Friday, September 16, 2005

Bebe its a meme

Stolen from Stephen, muahahahahahahaha...

1) Last song you heard: I think it was something by the Boards of Canada
2) Last CD you bought: Ramones 'Alive' (excellent) and Kraftwerk's 'The Man-Machine' (crap)
3) Last band you saw live: Marky Ramone and Anti-product in Dublin last month.
4) Fave local band: Don't have one, most of the local bands around here play shite emo-whiney-toss-spunk-music.
5) Fave local band venue: The Quays, only because its vaguely enjoyable there.
6) Fave live gig of all time: Bit of a toss up between Marky Ramone and Electric Six.
7) If you could have 2 groups/artists work together on a song who would you choose? Tom Waits and Rob Zombie - it'd be just....strange.
8) Greatest musician that is dead: George Harrison, not as up his own arse as Lennon. Besides he wrote 'Here Comes the Sun' nuff said.
9) Fave band currently: The Ramones, they're like a dose of the clap that just won't leave my boppy bits...or something.
10) Band you wish would reform: Possibly Astro-Creep era White Zombie, just so they could keep the sound. Failing that then the Beatles, but that'd involve voodoo and possibly hard work.
11) Fave line of a song: 'Jesus lived his life in a cheap hotel on the edge of route 66, yeah!' - from Supercharger Heaven by White Zombie. Or, 'Gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues' - from It Don't Come Easy by Ringo Starr
12) Band you wish would split: Brittney Spears, down the middle, spilling her spawn of Satan on the street.
13) Fave music video: I've a soft spot for the Dragula video by Rob Zombie. But other than that I'd say Johnny Cash's 'Hurt' vid.
14) CD you'll never sell: Astro-Creep 2000 by White Zombie. Its too much a part of who i am.
15) Group people wouldn't imagine you listening to: Blondie, Scissor Sisters or Air. Those that know me less may be suprised by Johnny Cash or the Bee Gees.
16) What song makes you horny: Anything by Kiss when they were good, or anything thats up-beat and sexy. Electric Six or Monster Magnet for example.
17) Good rainy day cd: Ramones Anthology, almost all the best songs in two easily reachable cds.
18) Good i hate the world cd: Astro-Creep 2000, its a power-stomping fuck you!
19) Good i'm happy cd: Electric Six's Fire or some Terrorvision.
20) Good i'm down cd: Anything by Tom Waits, more specifically Rain Dogs
21) Good seduction music: I doubt anything in my CD collection could seduce a sane female...but at a push perhaps some Bowie, Beatles, Tom Waits mix combo.
22) Song that always gets stuck in your head: Rock & Roll Highschool, the Ramones. My internal cdplayer is often stuck on repeat.
23) Song you use to annoy people: Star Trek'in by the Firm. You can make many a person cringe with that one. Personally I love it.
24) First music you remember ever buying: Funnily enough the soundtrack to the Turtles movie. On tape. From Woolworths. T.U.R.T.L.E POWER!
25) What group did you listen to a lot at 14? Pantera and Metallica, so far so boring.
26) What group did you listen to a lot at 15? Pantera and Metallica, with splashes of Korn.
27) And at 19? NIN, White Zombie, Manson, Type O Negative, standard Heavy Metal staples.
28) And at 24? William Shatner, Tom Waits, Ramones, Electric Six, Daft Punk, oh how things change. Still, I'm partial to some pure rock from time to time.


Blogger Stephen McMullin said...

It's Alive is very good... I've seen some of Kraftwerk, at the 'Picnic, and they were indeed not my cup of tea...

I didn't know you listened to the BeeGees! Now there's a filthy little secret if ever there was one!

11:54 AM  
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Blogger Stephen McMullin said...

I don't like these robots that keep leaving stupid messages on Blogger. They've started doing it to mine now. No, I am not interested in penis enlargment, thank you.

Nor do I want to buy Hallowe'en stuff. Yes, it is a mixed bag...

Get an Frankensteinishly enlarged cock and go trick or treating with that. See how many sweets you get, or children you terrify...

4:43 PM  
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Sure steal away! :)

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