Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dead octogenarians & intrigue.

To the point! My Nan died! On my birthday of all days! Hey ho, it happens, we were sad. She had a good inning & it was quick & all that stuff.

Don't take my flippency as disrespect, more as emotional immaturity or retardation. Nah, I'm just not able to be serious & sad about some things.

So that entailed a sadly anticlimactic trip to the U of K. It did feature me being awake for 30+ hours after driving to Dublin in the middle of the night (its a miracle we all lived) & a quick hop over to Liverpool.

I got to do a little walking around Liverpool (& I bought a Goonies t-shirt), which hasn't really changed that much in the past 8 years. As I've told anyone who'd listen; the big picture is the same but the details have changed.

After the cremation we went to a rather cool ye olde pub(e?) for drinks & I enjoyed the delights they offered. Pubs in the UK can be starnge, in almost every pub here in Ireland you can get Heineken, Guinness, Stella, Carlsberg, Cider, Bud, etc... But in the UK there is a really limited lager menu, its mainly ales and bitters. Which isn't bad considering the price differences; but just oddifies me.

Aside from the above I've bought a veritable bushel of Doctor Who DVD's from PLAY.com, because its cheap & the postage is free.

Anyway, enjoy this:


Blogger Stephen McMullin said...

Sorry to hear about your granny. I hadn't realised it was on your birthday. Ha! Remember my 21st, oh, we had a hoot and a holler that day...

The problem with the Sweet is that they're never as good as I remember them being. Which is a shame.

I must get buying from Play.com — it sounds like the place for me...


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